Why Do People Engrave Jewellery?

Spending money on expensive jewellery like an engagement ring or a wedding band is a really nice gesture. You can take it up a notch if you also decide to get the jewellery engraved. It is not a requirement, but it is a way of making something last forever. There are plenty of reasons why people get their jewellery engraved, though it all depends on the person.

It Is Special

When you add engraving, it further personalises the gift. You can add any personal inscription you would like. For instance, you can get the date that you met that person engraved on the inside of the ring. Maybe you and your partner are not big on keeping up with dates, but there is a common saying you both say. Whatever it is you decide to engrave on the jewellery, engraving makes it special.

Easy To Remember Dates

If you go with the option of getting your jewellery engraved with the dates you and your partner met or the date you and your partner tied the knot, you will never have to worry about forgetting an anniversary. All you have to do is slip off the ring and look at the inscription. It is a forever reminder. Just make sure that when you take off your ring, you place it in a spot that you will not forget. That could put you in even more trouble.

They Are Forever

Similar to getting a tattoo, when you engrave something it will be there forever. That can symbolise so many aspects of your relationship that led you and your partner to this wonderful place. Not only will the rings signify the everlasting love you all share, but the inscription could also signify how permanent your love is. It is very sentimental. That is also why it is very important that you think very carefully about what you want to be engraved in the jewellery. It will last a very long time. Having something on the jewellery permanently that is distasteful or poor quality will haunt you forever.

They Can Be Short And Sweet

One thing about getting something engraved, you likely do not have a lot of space to work with. That means that you need to be very selective about what you want to put in the inscription. It needs to be something short and sweet. If you put too many characters in the inscription, it could read really small. It may also be illegible. It all depends on the method of engraving you go with. Not all engraving methods produce the same result. Do a little research on the different engraving methods to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Add Another Detail

Details are everything. They are the difference between something being good and great. Getting your ring engraved with the right font is imperative. You want to make sure that the font is elegant and classy, but still legible. Remember to keep your message short and sweet.

At Callaghans, we can make your wishes come true with help from our expert engraving service. Many of our products, both jewellery and watches, can be personalised with an engraved inscription.

Any special occasion can be remembered, whether it’s a love note inside a wedding band, a commemorative quotation on a christening gift or initials on a piece of silverware, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and collaborate on design. To request an engraving, contact the team today

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