First we would like to give you some advice. Your ring should go over your knuckle snugly, and sit comfortably at the base of your finger.
Temperature, humidity, and exercise can affect the size of your fingers.
We recommend you measure your finger at room temperature, and if you are prone to swelling,have the ring half a size larger.
Remember right and left hands are different: so do not assume finger sizes are the same on both hands.
For bands that are wider than 10mm, you should consider getting a half or one size up(depending upon the width) as it will be more comfortable to wear.
Liquid hand soap is the best lubricant for getting tight rings on and off.
Just rub a little soap over your knuckle and the ring will slide off effortlessly.

Click Here to print  a ring size guide, to find your particular size.
Please, before printing, be sure to uncheck the “fit to page” option and set the page scalingto “none” or set custom scaling to “100%” on the printing options settings.